The Prison Yard Build

For the first few years of my workout regime, it involved alternating between arms/shoulders and chest/back. That left my lower body with rather disproportionate muscle strength. The truth is guys, girls don’t go for Schwarzenegger pectorals when they’re held up by foghorn leghorn’s legs (he’s a chicken for those who don’t watch Bugs Bunny).

This is known as the “Prison Yard Build,” based on the goal to look as intimidating and powerful as possible by puffing out your biceps and pecs to enormous sizes. Good news! You’re not in prison and no one is looking to usurp you in the food line! Plus, you will want to wear shorts one day, and your bathing suit probobly cuts off at the knee at least…

The most powerful muscles in your body are your quadriceps. This does depend on your dedication to strengthening them but on average, if you are working out your legs as much as the rest of your body, you should be squatting twice as much as you bench press.

The fact of the matter is, for a fit form, the lower half is vital for a healthy body. Bodybuilders do neglect their legs to a certain extent, but they keep them on par with their pectoral muscles.

Here are a few good examples to get your legs fit quickly:


Muscle Worked

Squats Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Hip Adductors, Gluteals, Erector Spinae.
Leg Extensions Quadriceps (Front of thigh)
Leg Curls Hamstrings (Back of Thigh)
Dumbbell Heel Raise Gastrocnemius, Soleus (Calfs)

Put in a few extra leg exercises before your cardio workout, or after your chest workout. Do squats and calfs one day, and the isolation exercises the following. This isn’t going to detract from your regular Schwarzenegger regime; it will give you a sturdy base to show off that trophy torso of yours!


Power Chest – Endurance

Oh Yeah! Every meat-head’s favourite day, CHEST DAY! For all of you who are looking for muscle growth for a sizable bust, this is an exercise you need to incorporate into your chest workout.

Muscle worked Pectoralis Major (Chest)
Function Endurance, strength, fat burner, improved power
Reps Until failure
Type Drop Sets
Equipment Bench Press and Olympic bar (45 lbs.)

Muscle Focus

This is a Drop Sets exercise, also referred to as Stripping. It’s ideal that you have a workout partner for this.

Load up the bench press with 4-5 10 lb. plates on each side. I personally like four 10 lb. plates with a final 5 lb. plate on each side. (If you’re not up to that weight, you can always use 5 lb. plates).

Pick up the bar just you would for a regular bench press, hand just over shoulder width apart, evenly spaced, with the bar over the middle of your chest. Bring the bar down to your chest and push back up. Remember to never lock your elbows. Repeat this until you cannot lift anymore. Put the weight down and have your partner remove one plate from each side. Pick up the bar and lift until failure again. Repeat this until you have an empty bar.


This exercise is an excellent way to end a chest workout. It will but up any fat stored in your chest to give you a nice toned look to your already bursting bust. The high rep low weight gives your body a chance to work at the oxidation level, allowing your muscles to more oxygen thus burning calories stored up in fat as opposed to protein after your hard workout. If you perform the exercise at a high rhythm, you will vastly improve your power as well.


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