About Bain

Pick a sport, anything. That’s how I got started. At the young age of 15, my father sat me down on the porch and said “You need to do something physical. So pick anything, and I’ll sign you up.” Within a week, I was in a rowing shell with seven other guys at the Ottawa Rowing Club. The first practice was absolute hell. I came home aching and moaning and wheezing. I said to my father, “Dad, I’m not going back, I can’t do it.” He looked at me and said “Get in the tub and I’ll pour you in some bath salts, you’ll need to rest for tomorrow’s practice. You’re going back.” Shortly afterward, I was rowing competitively for the city of Ottawa.

This is my model for success. There are always hundreds of reasons to not do something, “I’m scared, it hurts, I have no time, I’m too old, I can’t.” I don’t give these reasons a chance; you’ll be fighting forever. The key to a healthy mind and body, is to leave the negatives behind and look at what you are accomplishing today. That pain, those aches, the burn in your muscles are your weaknesses screaming for mercy. Let them scream, they will be gone tomorrow, and you will be ready for more.

I began rowing and weight lifting at the age of 15. I continued through university on the varsity rowing team, achieved Ontario championships and was awarded athlete of the year in my graduating year. Throughout my athletic career I have always been the go to guy for muscle and aerobic training for my teammates. I run workshops for cardiovascular training as well as weight training. I specialize in providing custom workout plans for any athlete of any sport. Fitness is my passion and the betterment of both the body and mind whether it be fat loss, muscle gain, specialized training for competitive sport, I can train you, and you will see and feel the difference.  You do not need to be an experienced athlete to train, every one is an athlete and has the potential to be the best. If you want to look, feel and be physically fit, I can show you how.

I believe in training to be a well rounded athlete, neglecting no component be it cardiorespiratory, muscular, or flexibility. The best part, I will make it fun and customized for your success.

I am a certified personal trainer through Canfitpro and have been training people of all skill levels for 4 years. I hold a black belt in Taekwondo, I am trained in Krava Maga, I snowboard, kayak, row, body build, do yoga, gymnastics, swim and much more. Feel free to contact me for a free consultation. You can, and will be the best.

Let’s get started!


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